Allen's new album "COLOR MY WORLD" the newest releases as well as some older ones but a great mix of country and gospel

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Allen relaxing at home and using his God given talent!

 A collection of Allen's gospel songs!

Allen is a great songwriter no matter which genre of music he chooses to write.

Though he has far more country songs at the moment, he still has these 10 gospel songs you will be listening to here.

Always Help a Beggar was written about a true life experience that happened to Allen.

My Lord, My Savior, My King was written for his mother. Sadly, she passed away April 25, 2014. This was her favorite song.

Life is very difficult and hurtful and hard to understand often times, but he is always watching, always guiding and we are never alone......
Carry On, during good times as well as difficult times, never give up, you're never alone
My Lord My Saviour My King, a song I wrote special for my mom right before she passed
Get Your One Way Ticket, there's only one way to heaven and your ticket is through Jesus
If Today Was Your Last Day, very powerful message we all need to think about, this day will come
Road of Fear, times are changing in our world
Hole in the Sky, something for us to look forward to when our time has come
Always Help a Beggar, a first hand personal experience.....!
Jesus Owes Us Nothing, he already gave us all he had, to many people think they are owed something
God Help Me I've Fallen, we all need God we all fall down time and time again, he is there to catch us
Little Shane, another powerful song, spend some quality time you have now while you can, with the little ones that need you, they won't be there forever