Hello everyone and welcome!!!
My new song...I Love You, I Do...
and the video are now here in my site for your enjoyment...
You can also find my video on Youtube...
thank you all very much for all your support

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A very heartfelt song for that special someone...
Tough Love....
.Although a very hard thing to do,
 is still a must sometimes...

Run Away...
When one decides enough is enough...

Trust Me, a little different country song ................
They Call Him the Possum, a tribute to George Jones
Sprinkling on the tin, hit me one rainy day
He's Just a Spinner, how some people just take advantage of others.....
Grab Your Things and Run, a little humor in a little different situation
Daddy, a very powerful song with a strong message everyone needs to take to heart......STOP child abuse.........
Don't Run Down That Road, a message for someone close to me
Angel Sent From Above, written for someone who was very special
Not a Few Days but Always, a description of  my feelings
You Don't Need that Other Guy, my thinking
Two Legged Dear, written from a personal experience, this is also sung by Cody Lyons
What You Gonna Do to Me, a fun upbeat song
Its Just a Thing, fits many situations in life

 Now that you are here, please sit back and enjoy all 24 videos that are  in here!

As good as 2015 was, 2016 is going to be even better. Starting with my newest song and video, Trust Me.

I will be following this up with more videos throughout the year.

My fans have given me great support and I just want you to know how very much I appreciate all of you.

My greatest pleasure in life, is knowing that I can bring a smile to a persons face through my music!

So, make sure you come in and browse, often.

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Loving You is no Shame, good times with the special lady in your life
Corn Fed, a fun song about a good friend I once had
Not Yet a Lady, another song with a strong message
Cold Beer, Good Music, & My Baby, fun times fun people good memories
Baby Baby, break ups are tough
Old Dog New Game,  you can start over with your dreams later in life
I Can't See no Farther than You, only one for life...........
He's Drinking Again, based on hard times,
this is also sung by Cody Lyons

Palm of My Hand, was written about a personal experience from my younger days
Don't Walk Don't Run,  a personal experience
Shes a Little Crazy,
 fun song that could apply to many!

See Her Over There, 
we all know many people these days with  tinted hair...

                           Many more songs and videos are in the works for 2017!

      Thank you to all my fans and all the folks it takes to make these videos a success.