Hello everyone and welcome!!!
My new song...I Love You, I Do...
and the video are now here in my site for your enjoyment...
You can also find my video on Youtube...
thank you all very much for all your support

Allen's new album "COLOR MY WORLD" the newest releases as well as some older ones but a great mix of country and gospel

             RIP Dear Friend, you will be missed by so many that you and your music have touched

Many roads I have traveled alone and had fun, but always more fun with friends.                     

Computer Tech and Close Friend

                                             The Boys!

                                       Allen and Vernon

Kari Anne & Neil Barry
New artists

Arnold Carr
 (DJ Crazymizery)
  Great Friend, DJ, and Singer 

John Dunn.....
Owner of Aces Aces Radio,
My good friend and great supporter of...
 Allen Farr Music

Doug Thames

.....magnolia,   Mississippi......

The one and only Mr. George Jones.... They called him the possum, written by Allen Farr

                 Lucky Hodnett Lucky 7 Music Group

        Great friend and producer of my videos and the artist on many of my songs!!!

                            The greatest singer of all time!


                        One of the greats, George Strait

                                            Bob Owens

                              Songwriter and great friend!

             Bob, demo singer for, Jesus Owes Us Nothing!

                             Niece Brittany and her fiance

                                My Sweet Sister Sharon

                                Wayne and Vera Bean

                                  Fans from Michigan

                      DJ Barbra Ann Great DJ and friend

                  Great group of singers and good friends

DJ Kitten and her sidekick Storm!!!!
Friendly DJ at
Aces Aces Radio....

                                               Krystal                              Friend and Loyal    Supporter

 Gina loyal Supporter!

                                Lulu and her pretty guitar

                                     She can sing , too!  

Allen's passion, straight from his heart to yours with music to share with all...

                           Allen and The Infamous Killer!

                   Buddies, Killer and Scamp
Computer Tech and good friend

Vernon Farr
Allan Saucier


Leanna Gowan, demo singer of one of my songs, Always Help a Beggar,and can she ever sing!

Larry Penny.....One Awesome singer, has done a demo of several of my songs!!!!!

                                      David Williams

                      Demo singer of several of my songs

                               Vernon and  Sister Lanie

                    Allen, Scamp, and sister-in-law Vicky

                         Infamous Killer's half sister!

                                      My sister Lanie

                          She plays a mean guitar, too!

My sister passed away 1/24/16, She is missed so much, but her music will go on....RIP

                                   Ms. Doris Hayes

                 Great friend and awesome songwriter

      Ms. Doris passed away just before Christmas 2014

                   Rest in Peace, my dear, dear friend

                      Small pic, but Big DJs in Germany

                               Anne and Peter Grub

Michele Tingley
Special Friend and DJ at Hometime Radio!

                                      Stephen Bailey

                            Great friend and Songwriter

                                     Friend DJ Ben Jam

                              My "queen" from the UK

            AKA Vera Groves from the Chris Green Project

Good Friends......
DJs Eagle and Dove...MAPARU Radio Dove C0-Owner and Eagle Station Director, Patrick (Eagle) and Marion (Dove) from Scotland UK....
and Bonnie  (below)

Good Friend and DJ at AcesAces Radio.....
Ruthann Jonas.... "Blackpanther"

 Really great stations, playing  great music! You can hear any of my songs on any of these awesome stations,

Please spend some time with the people in these stations, you'll have a lot of fun in their chat rooms, hear an incredible variety of music and you can request your own favorites, and make some new friends along the way!!!!! 

Come on in and join the fun with us!!!!  We'd love to meet you too!!!!

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